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1. 1 Donald Trump's Twitter and His Influence on the Media: A Study of

research about how political Twitter accounts impact news coverage. In order to
investigate if politicians can influence their media coverage through social media,
Trump serves as a perfect case study considering his well-establish

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2. Twitter and the 2016 Presidential Election - Illinois State University

campaigns by focusing on Twitter in politics between the 2012 and the. 2016
Presidential Elections. Social media's full impact was felt in the. 2016 election,
and Twitter plays an active role in campaign communication. In 2016,

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3. A Content Analysis of President Trump's Tweeting - Elon University

Twitter has become one of the most prominent forms of modern communication,
allowing users to curate information, update followers, and report news in real
time, among other actions. Most recently, Twitter has provided an intimate

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4. Reviewing the Rhetoric of Donald Trump's Twitter of - DiVA portal

Reviewing the Rhetoric of. Donald Trump's Twitter of the. 2016 Presidential
Election. Master thesis, 15 hp. Media and Communication Studies. Supervisor:
Fredrik Stiernstedt. International/intercultural communication. Spring 2016.

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5. The Unconventional Campaign of Donald Trump - SAGE Journals

Article. Free Media and Twitter in the 2016 Presidential Election: The
Unconventional Campaign of Donald Trump. Peter L. Francia1. Abstract. This
article examines the surprising outcome of the 2016 presidential election, which

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6. Twitter as arena for the authentic outsider - SAGE Journals

Twitter as arena for the authentic outsider: exploring the social media campaigns
of. Trump and Clinton in the 2016. US presidential election. Gunn Enli. University
of Oslo, Norway. Abstract. In the 2016 US presidential election ca

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7. the wrong side of donald trump's twitter account… - Login to T. Rowe

TRUMP'S TWITTER ACCOUNT… JUNE 2017. Laurence Taylor. Portfolio
Mexico, China, Asia, health care, growth. This was not the script in the late fourth
quarter of

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8. Clinton vs. Trump 2016: Analyzing and Visualizing - SAS Blogs

The United States 2016 presidential campaign has seen an unprecedented
amount of media coverage, numerous presidential candidates, and acrimonious
debates over wide‐ranging topics from candidates of both the Republican and
the Democratic pa

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9. Twitter, Trump, and the Base - The University of Chicago Press

Twitter, Trump, and the Base: A Shift to a New Form of. Presidential Talk? Galen
Stolee, Harvard University. Steve Caton, Harvard University. ABSTRACT. The
2016 US Presidential campaign saw the meteoric rise to power of Donald J. <

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10. The age of Twitter: Donald J. Trump and the politics of debasement

The age of Twitter: Donald J. Trump and the politics of debasement. Brian L. Ott.
Department of Communication Studies, College of Media & Communication,
Texas Tech University,. Lubbock, USA. ABSTRACT. This essay explores the
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